What Motivates You

I remember being so excited to have a fun day at an amusement park with my husband. I had recently given birth to our second son and mom life was consuming me. We didn’t have a lot of money so activities out were very rare. Someone had gifted us these tickets and I couldn’t wait to have a day spending time alone with my husband, riding roller coasters, and eating yummy food. As we stood in line for a new ride, I remember being excited and fearful. It was finally our turn and we took our seats. The attendants were working quickly to help everyone get buckled in. It was the kind that had bars that went over your head. As they were trying to get mine buckled it just wouldn’t click in place. I remember trying to suck it in and at the same time thinking something must be wrong with the locking mechanism. All eyes were on me as they ended up having to remove me from the ride because I was just too big for it to fit in place. I was so embarrassed. It completely ruined my day and we ended up going home early.

You would think that would have been an eye-opening moment for me that it was time to lose weight. I can tell you many more stories that should have been eye-opening as well…but they weren’t. I would always be embarrassed but would just move on with my life and continue to gain more weight.

I can honestly say I didn’t have a specific moment that led me to start losing weight. I know some people who have been motivated by embarrassing moments. Others have been motivated by health scares. I know that eventually when I started to lose the weight I began to feel good about myself and that kept me motivated. I wanted to look good, I wanted to buy cute clothes, and I enjoyed the compliments I was starting to receive. All of my motivation was based on vanity and looking good.

It wasn’t until this past year that I started looking at the health benefits of losing weight.  As we get older, you seem to get hurt easier, tired more, and overall, you just don’t have the same energy you had when you were younger. I twisted my neck vacuuming and could barely move for a week. I started to realize this is only going to get worse as we get older.

My new motivation was thinking about how I wanted to spend my remaining years. Do I want to spend my time being laid up with injuries and illness or do I want to enjoy my life? I have determined I want to be as healthy as possible. We don’t know how much time we will have here on earth but whatever time I do have I want to have a purpose. I want to continue making memories with my family. I want to be able to serve others. I want to enjoy life.

We just recently found out we are going to be grandparents. I am beyond excited! I want to be healthy so I can fully enjoy this new adventure. I want to be a participant in this grandchild’s life and not just watch on the sidelines. We know what a precious gift this child is and we can’t wait for his arrival.

Motivation is what pushes you towards your goal. It is what keeps you going when things get hard. It will encourage you and give you strength. Find something that motivates you to help you achieve your dreams and desires. Here are some practical steps you can take:

  1. Determine what your ultimate goal is.
  2. Come up with a plan. For me, it was to not only to lose weight but to figure out what I needed to do to become healthy.
  3. Set mini goals that you can achieve along the way.
  4. Find a mentor. Someone who has experience with what you are going through will be able to share their wisdom with you.
  5. Surround yourself with positive people. Don’t allow negativity to take away your momentum.
  6. If you feel you are losing momentum, try reevaluating your goals and desires. Possibly set new ones.
  7. Give yourself grace. You may have a setback for a moment but you don’t have to stay there. Pick yourself back up and move forward.
  8. Find resources that will help you stay motivated. Read books or listen to podcasts. I love hearing people’s transformation stories.
  9. Help someone else who is struggling and share all that you have learned with them.
  10. Visualize the future and what your life can look like once you have reached your goal.

Are you looking to lose weight or just get healthy? Maybe there is another goal you are trying to achieve. Start by looking for something that will motivate you and eventually you will see the reward.

One thought on “What Motivates You

  1. CarrieAnn what a heart wrenching and motivational blog! I have such respect for your transparency, yet filled with hope and practical steps we could and should take!

    I am always waiting for the next episode to be released!


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