Enjoying Exercise

Do you feel exercise is important when losing weight? I do admit that I truly dislike exercising. I know there are people who absolutely love it and get energized by it…you are not my people.

I have a bad back, ankles and knees and will probably make any excuse possible to not exercise. I have also self-diagnosed myself with asthma because whenever I do anything too strenuous I end up coughing and wheezing and then it seems like I have Covid and all the judgy people stare me down, and I wouldn’t want that!

My husband loves to lift weights. Do you know what happens when I lift weights? I wake up in the middle of the night with pain in my elbows. I like sleep more than toned arms. I know people who love to run. Do you know what happens when I run? Nothing, because I don’t. You’ve heard the saying “If you see me running it’s because something is chasing me”. Well, you won’t even see that because if something is chasing me I will just surrender and take the consequences.

With all that being said, I think you can lose weight without exercising but it does help the process. More importantly though, exercise is important for good health. I am looking to be overall healthy, not just look good, so it was important to find some sort of exercise I would enjoy. If I don’t enjoy it I won’t do it.

I found that I enjoy riding bikes outdoors. I’m not talking about the spandex wearing, fancy shoes, and $10,000 bike kind of riding. I’m talking about the $80 beach cruiser from Walmart, flip flop wearing kind of bike ride. I love taking in the scenery, saying hi to everyone I ride by and feeding the horses once I get to my destination. I might not be burning all kinds of calories but I am sweating by the time I get home so I know I did something.

I recently joined a gym. Again, people who love the gym are not my people. But this gym has a pool and they offered an Aqua Fitness class. Most gym people are super fit and intimidating so I was a bit fearful the first time I went. My sweet husband joined the class so I wouldn’t have to go by myself. I remember walking in with all my layers on (bathing suit, shorts, tank top and wet suit jacket) trying to hide all my imperfections. And then, in the pool, I found my people. I realized that only old ladies with sagging imperfect bodies take Aqua Fitness and I felt right at home. I was surrounded by people who had bad backs, ankles and knees and could care less what they looked like. For most, it was probably their social hour. For me, it was the perfect exercise that I truly enjoy.

Find something you enjoy doing. Your heart and health will thank you for it…and it might even help you lose a few pounds.

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