Making Excuses

January has never really been my favorite month. We have just finished my favorite season of the year…Fall!

It all starts in October with pumpkin scones, hot apple cider, and of course Halloween candy. November is filled with apple pie, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and Jell-O salad. Notice, I can do without the turkey, but all those sides…yum!! December is filled with Christmas cookies, fudge, ham, cheesy appetizers and dips.

And then there is January. You are slapped in the face with the reality of how you spent your past year. It is usually the most common time to start the infamous diet. It all seems overwhelming and depressing.

But before long it is February and you know what that means, Valentine’s Day, with delicious chocolates and if you’re lucky a fancy dinner out with your loved one. So much for the diet…I can always start over in March.

But then it is March which means you have to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with corned beef and green beer. Ok, I have never had corned beef or green beer but I’m sure there is something else I can have like a  leprechaun shake at McDonalds. There goes the diet again…I can always start over in April.

But then it is April. April is filled with chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs. Jelly beans and Peeps. Deviled eggs and Ham. There goes the diet again…I can always start over in May.

But then it is May. How could you not celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Nachos and tacos oh my! Let’s not forget Mother’s Day and that wonderful lunch your family will take you out for. There goes the diet again…I can always start over in June.

But June is my birthday month. My favorite thing to eat is Nachos so we continue down the nacho path. I also absolutely love the white cake with white frosting you can get at the grocery store. I’m sure it is pure sugar…delish!! June is also the start of BBQ season. I can just smell the grill with hamburgers and hot dogs. You have to add yummy potato salad, baked beans, and corn on the cob covered in butter to go with it. There goes my diet again…I can always start over in July.

But then it is July. July is filled with Independence Day celebrations, beach and lake days, and fair food. I love a big tall bag of freshly popped kettle corn. So good!! There goes my diet again…I can always start over in August.

But then it is August. The final days of summer. Homemade ice cream, smores by the camp fire, taffy cookies at the beach. There goes my diet again…I can always start over in September.

But then there is September. We are getting so close to fall. All I want to do is make pumpkin bread and pick apples to make something apple-y (caramel apples, apple pies, apple donuts, apple fritters anyone?).

And then we find ourselves back in October, my favorite time of year!

Now you can see why January is so depressing for me. I seem to come up with every excuse possible to postpone my diet in every other month but in January there are no more excuses.  

It doesn’t even have to be a holiday. I can make an excuse because it is Saturday, Sunday or Taco Tuesday.

How do we stop making excuses? It all starts with changing our mindset. For me I needed to realize you can enjoy a holiday without making it all about food. As you can see from my excuses above, all of my memories seem to focus on the food. I needed to be able to renew my mind and find new ways to make memories that don’t involve food.

The first time I discovered I could make a great memory without food was on Halloween. We were enjoying our day playing games and even decided to have a dance party in the living room while we listened to spooky songs. We were laughing at the silly songs and our amazing dance moves. We spent the rest of the evening handing out candy to sweet princesses, super heroes and scary monsters. It wasn’t until the next day when I was reflecting on how much fun we had that I realized I hadn’t eaten one single piece of candy. I was able to make a sweet memory without it including food!      

I also need to renew my mind about the month of January. Instead of looking at it in a negative way, from now on I will appreciate all that it has to offer. I can be thankful that it is the start of something new, a time to get organized, and a time to set new goals!

2 thoughts on “Making Excuses

  1. I can totally relate to this. I no longer make resolutions but set realistic goals for myself for the year so it doesn’t feel overwhelming & I break it down into categories so it’s not just physical.

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